Books to Read


Los alumnos leerán De 1 A 3 libros, según las características del grupo.

1º de ESO:

–      Uluru, 1º de ESO. Burlington Books

–     The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain. Penguin Readers. Level 1

–     Around the World in Eighty Days. Jules Verne. Oxford. Starter. Dominoes

2º de ESO:

–     The Real McCoy and other Ghost Stories. Lesley Thompson. Dominoes 1, Oxford UP

–     The Canterville Ghost. Oscar Wilde. Retold by John Scott. Oxford Bookworms

–     Jump to Freedom. 2º de ESO. Julie Hart. Burlington Books

3º de ESO:

–    The Ghost Ship. Julie Hart. Burlington Books

–     The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Stories. Scott Fitzgerald Retold by Clare West. Oxford Dominoes

–     Canterbury Tales. G. Chaucer. Penguin Readers. Level 3


4º de ESO:

–    Tales of Terror. Edgar Allan Poe and others. Cambridge Discovery Readers, level B1

–    Billy Elliot. Melvin Burgess. Penguin Readers. Level 3 –Pre-intermediate + Film

1º Bach:

–    The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole. Burlington Books

–    Loveactually. Richard Curtis. Penguin Readers. Level 4 –Intermediate + Film